We create meaningful content.  Our combined experience with Nate as Director and DP, and Stina in Production Management and Post Production Supervision, covers the entire content creation process.   Our team of professionals runs deep from west coast to east coast!  We have created television, documentaries, 360 video, and cinematic virtual reality.  We would love to create something for you.  

Nate began his career in television news working at New York 1 News, WPIX and WKTLA in Los Angeles, covering every kind of news story imaginable.  While zooming around these great cities he fell in love with telling a story through a lens. He became a full time camera operator for several years that took him around the world on various fiction, and non-fiction shoots from successful television series, documentaries to branded content. He then moved into producing and directing television series for networks ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, National Geographic, Spike, TruTV, FYI, HGTV and MTV to name just a few.  

Nate is known to work with many types of genres and people, from "House Hunters" for HGTV to "Las Vegas Jailhouse," Nate can deliver the best from the field in any environment.  In his search to tell stories in a new way, he has embraced 360 video and found it a great medium to have a impact and reach a broader audience.


Stina Hamlin, veteran member of the Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) and committee member of the Women’s Impact Network, has produced non-fiction, lifestyle television for twenty years.  Producing credits include Production Executive and Post Supervisor for multiple Scripps Networks and Discovery television series.

She transitioned from working in commercials to Senior Producer at post production facility, DuArt, and now is the Director of Post Production at East Coast Digital.  Under the New Media division she launched at ECD, she has been post producing the in-app videos for the Unicef Kid Power Band over the past year and is currently in post-production for a 360 documentary filmed in Mozambique, Africa for the U.S. Fund for Unicef, among many other projects.  

Stina’s life-long enthusiasm for the arts, documentaries, and technology has evolved into a passion for producing cinematic virtual reality and 360 storytelling.  Her first virtual reality project, "Cardboard City," was winner of the Samsung Gear Indie Milk VR contest in January 2016 and premiered at Sundance on the MilkVR platform.  “Cardboard City” then evolved into an interactive documentary featuring a blend of makers’ space, augmented reality, and virtual reality that premiered at New York Film Festival’s Convergence in October 2016.

A former professional dancer, she was driven to direct a series of 360 dance pieces by choreographer, Jonathan Lee, one of which recently won the grand prize in the #causes category for the Samsung Creators Awards, entitled “Say Our Name.”  Stina is currently working on the sequel to "Cardboard City,” “Boxed Out," which is a live-action, stop-motion, and interactive experience; content for USA Today’s “VRtually There” series; and is in post production on two 360 films for Doctors Without Borders' "Forced From Home" campaign.  In development, she is on a personal journey reconnecting with her Native American roots, and is concentrating on projects that support the under represented indigenous voice and focusing on supporting media in the fight to protect the water and Mother Earth.