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We create meaningful content.  

Our combined experience with Nate as Director and DP, and Stina in Production Management and Post Production Supervision, covers the entire content creation process.   Our team of professionals runs deep from west coast to east coast.  We have created television, documentaries, and cinematic virtual reality.  

We would love to create something for you.  

Twenty Five years as a producer, director, writer and cinematographer Nate has created content that crosses many spectrums including television series, documentaries, music events, sports, branded content and news.  Working for major networks; ABC, NBC and CBS, and cable networks; BBC and National Geographic Channel, as well as brands like Johnson and Johnson.

His versatility and compassion spawns from covering major events such as the ‘93 World Trade Center bombing, presidential campaigns, and covering historical  figures like Nelson Mandela. He has also worked with many prominent international musicians, actors and performers.  

What excites Nate the most is being at the forefront of virtual reality  and 360 storytelling. Recently he produced a 360 documentary for Doctors Without Borders about the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh. Previously, he produced a 360 documentary in Mozambique Africa for Unicef. He has also directed and produced multiple pieces for USA Today’s new VR series, VRtually There, and was accepted into Round 2 of the Google JumpStart program for his project, "Seven Points" about the Statue of Liberty's representation of immigration in America.



Stina Hamlin, member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA), has produced non-fiction, lifestyle television for twenty years recently venturing into feature film, 360 and Virtual Reality. Producing credits include production executive and post supervisor for multiple Scripps Networks and Discovery television series, and most recently narrative feature film, “Radium Girls,” directed by Lydia Dean Pilcher and Ginny Mohler.  Currently she is post producing 360 films for Doctors Without Borders, Unicef Kid Power Band, and USA Today’s “VRtually There” series with her production company, State Media and post facility, East Coast Digital.

Stina’s life-long enthusiasm for the arts, documentaries, and technology has evolved into a passion for producing and directing cinematic virtual reality storytelling.  Her first VR team project, "Cardboard City," was winner of the Samsung Gear Indie Milk VR contest in January 2016 and premiered at Sundance on the MilkVR platform.  “Cardboard City” then evolved into an interactive documentary featuring a blend of maker’s space, augmented reality, and virtual reality that premiered at New York Film Festival’s Convergence in October 2016.

A former professional dancer, she was driven to direct a series of 360 dance pieces by choreographer, Jonathan Lee, one of which recently won the grand prize in the #causes category for the Samsung Creators Awards, entitled “Say Our Name.”  “Say Our Name” is enjoying the festival life in 2017, showing at Seattle International Film Festival, Harlem Film Festival, deadCENTER, Tacoma Film Festival, Orcas Island Film Festival, and The People’s Film Festival in Harlem.

Her focus is concentrating on projects that amplify Indigenous voices and creating and supporting media in the fight to protect the water and Mother Earth.  Currently she is working on XR project, Blood Memory: The Experience, which was accepted into the 2nd round of the Google JumpStart program and was a finalist in the 2018 New Frontier Story Lab.


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